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Little Delay in Roadmap   thomyschneider - 2001-10-15 23:50
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MyCD-DB released Version 0.1.2   thomyschneider - 2001-09-07 10:28
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MyCD-DB little bugfix release 0.1.1 is now out!   thomyschneider - 2001-09-06 01:58
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Welcome to MyCD-DB

by thomy



What is MyCD-DB? | License | Parts of MyCD-DB | Requirements for MyCD-DB
Documentation | How quick and easy is archive a new cd? | Screenshots
Mailing Lists | Author | Survey for the latest release | Credits

What is MyCD-DB?

MyCD-DB based on an idea from mcdl. For MyCD-DB the original is changed and extended. MyCD-DB used a other databasestructure as mcdl!

MyCD-DB allows you to quickly index your complete audio CD collection and get information about it all around the world, because MyCD-DB has a webbased Frontend. Its also support the storage from informations how you have organized your CD's in up to 255 CD-Changer. For every CD is the changer and the slot inside the changer stored.

What you must do to for indexing a new audio CD? Only insert the disc into your CD drive! (Thanks for this great idea to mcdl!) First MyCD-DB contacts a CDDB database to retrieve disc info, and then ask you for cd-changer-information and last writes artist, title, track, times and so on to a MySQL database.

Please visit also the MyCD-DB developer-project-page at SourceForge.


MyCD-DB is copyright by Thomas Schneider and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, also known as the GPL. A copy of the GPL is included in the distribution. The GPL says you are free to use this program as you wish, but if you make any changes you MUST make your modifications available to the public (and hopefully give me credit for the work I did). If you don't agree with this, do not use this program.

Parts of MyCD-DB

MyCD-DB has in moment the following parts (for requirements see below):

  • Commands: mcdb_xxx: all commands for MyCD-DB (scripts, binaries and so on)
  • Database: MyCD-DB : MySQL-Database for storage the informations
  • Web-GUI: mycd-db : generate the webinterface

Requirements for MyCD-DB

Note for windowsianer: I don't know if MyCD-DB runs on WIN! You must have the same requirements except Linux (but it's better to have it ;-) ) - including a running c-compiler!

MyCD-DB required the following parts:



All documentation about MyCD-DB is found in the Doc Manager Section. You can read the documentation on english or german at the moment.

Please visit also the MyCD-DB developer-project-page at SourceForge.

How quick and easy is archive a new cd?

In moment you can do this task only with - but its very easy and so fast. Here are two example as logs from - first with no input for cd-changer-data an second the same cd with input cd-changer-data.


Here are two sample screenshots from MyCD-DBs webfrontend. To enlarge please click on the pics.

all cd overview [Large picsize: 68 kByte]

detail for a cd [Large picsize: 76 kByte]

Mailing Lists

MyCD-DB has 3 Mailinglists:

All the lists are hosted at


The Author of MyCD-DB is Thomas Schneider

Survey for the latest release

If you are a member of please help me a little bit and vote the latest release. It will help me for newer releases. If you are not a member of you can't vote. Sorry - but it's a restriction from SourceForge and not from me.


Special Thanks to the following peopels and projects:

Last modification: 2001-Sep-11
Copyright © 2001 Thomas Schneider (
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